Revista de Guimarães

The Revista de Guimarães is a publication of Sociedade Martins Sarmento, published since 1884, being one of the oldest Portuguese periodical publications in activity and a reference in contemporary Portuguese culture.

In the proposal for its creation it was mentioned that the journal should be an «easy and effective means of disseminating and vulgarizing science, the knowledge useful in all branches of human activity».

Throughout its existence the Revista de Guimarães has hosted works in the most diverse areas of specialty, with greater focus in the area of Social and Human Sciences, namely Archeology and History.


By proposal approved at a general meeting on February 7, 1883, it was decided to “create and sustain a publication entitled REVISTA DE GUIMARÃES, Body of the Sociedade Martins Sarmento, promoter of Popular Education in the Municipality of Guimarães.” The Revista de Guimarães began to be published in the following year, distributed in quarterly issues. From the outset, the Revista de Guimarães has become an indispensable cultural reference of the city and the country.

Throughout the first thirty years of his existence, he was given body by Vimaranense scholars such as Martins Sarmento, Alberto Sampaio, José Sampaio, Domingos Leite de Castro, Avelino da Silva Guimarães, Abbot of Tagilde, Avelino Germano, José de Freitas Costa, João de Meira. With the disappearance of this initial nucleus of mentors, the Magazine went through a period of crisis, having stopped publishing for seven years.

In 1921, under the direction of Eduardo de Almeida, the Revista de Guimarães resumed its publication, maintaining an uninterrupted presence until today. In addition to the most illustrious Vimaranenses, such as Mário Cardozo, Alberto Vieira Braga, António de Azevedo, AL Carvalho and João Lopes de Faria, a good number of prominent figures in Portuguese culture, including José Leite de Vasconcelos , Adolfo Coelho, Teófilo Braga, Trindade Coelho, Raul Brandão, Rocha Peixoto, Joaquim de Vasconcelos, Joaquim de Carvalho, Pedro Vitorino, Bento Carqueja, Hernâni City, Leonardo Coimbra, Maximiliano Lemos, AA Mendes Correia, Avelino Jesus da Costa, Jorge Dias , Fidelino de Figueiredo or Manuel Mendes, and renowned foreign researchers such as Hübner, Virchow, Schulten, Gordon Childe, Cartaillac, Bosch-Gimpera, Bouza Brey, Florentino Cuevillas or Caro Baroja.

In the introduction to the first issue, the SMS board reportedly hoped that “by founding this magazine today, we did not expect it to die tomorrow.” This hope was fulfilled: with its 120 years of existence, Revista de Guimarães is one of the oldest Portuguese periodical publications in activity and a reference of contemporary Portuguese culture.

In this space you can find all articles published in the Revista de Guimarães since 1884.

Directors of the Revista de Guimarães:

  • Domingos Leite de Castro (1884-1887 and 1894-1898)
  • Avelino Germano da Costa Freitas (1888)
  • José da Silva Monteiro (1889)
  • Avelino da Silva Guimarães (1890-1893)
  • José Maria Fiúza (1899)
  • Joaquim José de Meira (1900, 1901 and 1905-1907)
  • João Gomes de Oliveira Guimarães, Abade de Tagilde (1902-1904)
  • Eduardo de Almeida (1908, 1921-1925 and 1929-1931)
  • João Martins de Freitas (1909-1910)
  • Alberto de Oliveira Lobo (1911-1913)
  • Mário Cardozo (1926 and 1965-1972)
  • Gonçalo Monteiro de Meira (1927)
  • Alberto Vieira Braga (1928 and 1932-1962)
  • Alberto Vieira Braga e Mário Cardozo (1963 and 1964)
  • Augusto Ferreira da Cunha (1973)
  • José Maria Gomes Alves (1974-1985)
  • Manuel Bernardino de Araújo Abreu (1986-1989)
  • Joaquim António dos Santos Simões (1990-2004)


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