Spaces and equipments

The Casa de Sarmento is installed on the first floor of a vimaranense palace that belonged to the illustrious archaeologist Francisco Martins Sarmento. Conta com duas salas de trabalho, um laboratório de digitalização e um espaço de arquivo. It has two work rooms, a scanning laboratory and a file space. The scanning laboratory is equipped with a scanner I2S Openbook, with high productivity, capable of scanning documents with A2 dimensions in high resolution, a fundamental tool for the development of the project. The archive space also hosts important external files, which are being processed and cataloged, namely the archive of the Casa do Costeado and the estate of the Serviços Hidráulicos da Bacia Hidrográfica da Bacia do Ave e do Cávado, belonging to the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente.


We specialize in the treatment and digitization of historical documents. We develop hosting projects and dissemination of digital assets through the platform open source OMEKA. We support research projects in the area of History and Cultural Heritage.

The Casa de Sarmento is also the headquarters of the Repositório Genealógico Nacional (RGN), a project that aims to rebuild the genealogy of all Portuguese, involving the diaspora.

An example of scanning and displaying pictures

Engraving belonging to the Sociedade Martins Sarmento collection, scanned on the I2s open book system scanner and published on the platform OMEKA of Casa de Sarmento. The image preview is guaranteed by the Universal Viewer using technology IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework).

This technology allows you to view an image in high resolution without compromising the user experience.